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Updating Mecca of Best IT Companies

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Velocity Info Systems LLC

Velocity Info Systems is a global IT services company focused on application development, managed IT services, IT Consulting, Cloud Solutions for enterprises across various industries. With over 10 years of experience and an evolved Onshore delivery model as well as off shore delivery model, We deliver solutions that enable business to run efficiently. We have domain competencies in verticals such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Alternative Energy, Manufacturing, Education and Telecom.

Our comprehensive suite of offerings comprising of managed IT services, enterprise services, outsourced product development and solution frameworks, Our core competencies include: Cloud Solutions, Consulting Services, Web Development, Network & IT Infrastructure, Technical Support, Hosted and Managed Services.

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Velocity Info Systems LLC also provides alternative energy solutions with Velocity PV in end-to-end Solar Power Generation systems

  • Analyst
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Developer
  • IT Placement
  • IT Training
  • Networking
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  • Support